We are NOT veterinarians nor are we nutrition experts. We don’t know anything about the health or medical history of your dog.

On our website and in our recipe PDF, we are offering our recipes, which have been compiled from our research and our experience, to help your fur baby to reach optimal health. Please have the conversation with your own vet about your pets nutritional needs before changing to this or any other regime.

The dog food recipes- A starting place

The following recipes are a great starting place for your doggy nutrition. We invite you to dig into your own research to see how these recipes can be tweaked to properly give your own pups the balance of nutrients and care that they need to thrive and be by your side for years to come!

These foods might seem an expensive way to feed your pets, but our Puploaf recipe will feed your pup for months. Our two pups get about 6-8 weeks out of a batch. If you calculate the cost over the amount of time, it works out cheaper than commercial dog food, especially if you’re using the commercial vet formulas.

Please consult a vet before changing to this or any of our pup recipes. Make sure you’re fully covering your dog’s nutritional needs. A pup can have a belly full of food and still be missing vital nutrients from their food.